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Sorry everyone, there will be no more future updates for Kyuhae Love from now on.

All previous posts will still be available to everyone, lots of goodies.

It's been a great run, thanks for sharing the kyuhae love~


I want you, bb~ [2nd Mod Position Open]

Absolutely love KyuHae? Want to be more involved?

The position of 2nd Mod is open for the KyuHae FanFic Community and KyuHae Love Pic Community!

*Offer will stay open for a week before I respond to everyone, thank you~

More info here!~~~~Collapse )


Happy middle-of-the-month, everyone!

I think someone once said "I'd forever and ever be your slave" if I get a gif of the epic mic borrowing moment. Yeah, I own you now, bb~ ;D

(low quality, I will find some better ones for next month's spam~)

*edit: here's the clip of the intros for Dream Concert 2010~ Yay to mic fail! XD

Mod to Mod

*Apologize again to everyone, please ignore this.

To WiiSports,

Please email me (ltn128@gmail.com), I tried replying to your message but your privacy options blocks me from doing so.

Thank you~

Mod to Mod Message

*Message to the second mod, everyone else can ignore!

Hey there,
So I haven't heard from you since december. I just saw your last few posts and I totally understand your want for privacy. The two kyuhae communities have been getting a bit busier and I don't have the time to be mod-ing on my own. Did you still want to be involved in those two? I'm hoping to find someone to help me maintain them asap. If I don't hear from you by the end of this month, I will assume that you no longer want to be be involved. Hopefully I'll hear from you either way, just pm me?

Thank you~


Pic Spam! (Month of April 2010)

p.s. Anyone wanna help with posting weekly pic spams?~ pm me, yeah?^^

more......mostly SS II.......Collapse )